Ian Douglas Associates

Registered in Scotland Registered Number 253845

Current Roles
Ian Douglas has recently completed six years as a Board Member of the HGCA and and member of its Finance Committee. The Home Grown Cereals Authority provides market information, promotes exports, helps in the development of products using UK cereals and funds research and development on behalf of the UK cereals industry.

Chairman of Turnbull & Scott (Engineers) Ltd. Turnbull & Scott have been established manufacturers of heat exchangers since 1933. Over the years they have become well known as manufacturers of "finned" or "gilled" tubes for a wide range of industrial and commercial heating and cooling applications.

Registered as an Arbitrator with AIC,  the UK Agricultural Trade Association and Chairman of AIC's Contracts and Arbitration Committee.

A Director of the Business Angel Group, TriCap, and involved in the development and investment in innovative new businesses predominantly within Scotland.

Consultancy Agreements with leading Food, Agricultural, Biofuels and Forestry Companies