Ian Douglas Associates

Ian Douglas Director
Ian Douglas -- Director
Registered in Scotland Registered Number 253845

Areas of Operation
A professional and confidential, national and international, consultancy service in general management, commercial opportunities and specialist food and agricultural business areas.

Contract negotiation both commercial and business acquisition/sale. Executive mentoring for small to medium sized businesses going through periods of change or difficulty.
Arbitrations/Disputes, case assessment, preparation of submission, Qualified Arbitrator

Skills Available/Experience
A Fellow of The Institute of Directors, Ian Douglas has been registered as an Arbitrator with AIC, the UK Agricultural Trade Association for over 30 years and acts as a Sole Arbitrator, Chairman or Member of a Tribunal.

Over 30 years of Board and Executive positions within the Food and Agricultural Industries based in the UK,
Europe, USA and operating world wide. Broad experience in Company Acquisitions, Mergers and Disposals,
Company "Doctor"
 Alison Douglas DirectorAlison Douglas -Director